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  1. Windows 8 / Windows Phone
  2. Datastorage
  3. Updates

1. Can I use the IBAN API in Windows 8/8.1 or Windows Phone projects?

No, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone (7+8) projects are not supported at the moment. We decided to do a full .NET-Framework version because we think the main targets are server based applications. On client systems there's no real reason to do a generation of IBAN codes. If a client needs such functionality, it should call a server to get the data.
Of course you are free to convert the code to the platform you need or contact us. Perhaps some day we will do a pcl version, so that the API can be used in every .NET project.

2. Where is the data stored?

The needed data is stored in xml files. There could be better performance when using a SQL database, but that is not included in this free project. If you want to benefit from better performance by using a SQL database feel free to contact us.

3. Should I update the IBAN API regularly?

Yes. There are periods updates for example from the Deutsche Bundesbank for the german rules for generation and validation. These rules will also be updated regularly in the API.

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